R1485 OG Cotton Slub Stripe Sock Black

R1485 OG Cotton Slub Stripe Sock Black

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Our double stripe slub sock's fabric is made of a mix of two different yarns to create a heather color, dirt and fuzzballs don’t stand out on the surface even after repeated use. Some people think slub socks are the best of all because of the practicality and timeless appearance. Therefore we would like to make this pair become one of ROTOTO’s signatures. Knitted with a mix of eco-friendly organic cotton slub yarn and recycled polyester yarn, the fabric provides both the comfort of cotton and the quick-drying properties and durability of polyester.

[Organic cotton slub yarn]

With help from a spinning mill in Osaka, we created this yarn after repeated trials in selecting the blend and thickness of the yarn as well as the slub width. Each yarn is carefully and slowly spun by skilled operators with an old spinning machine that has been used since the 1950s.

[Recycled polyester yarn]

This yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles once used in Japan. Because we would like these socks to be worn for a long time, we actively use highly transparent materials to ensure its eco-friendliness, quality and traceability.

 * Avoid tumble drying, as it may cause shrinkage.

Approximate Men's Sizing: S = 5 - 7, M = 8 -10, L = 10 - 12




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