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Dr. Collectors' Journal

  • Ro To To - The Most Comfortable Socks in The World

    Ro To To - The Most Comfortable Socks in The World

    Made in Koryu, Japan, Ro To To employs old school Japanese manufacturing to construct premium socks. We're not just talking premium, we're talking PREMIUM. They are the Rolex of Socks.

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  • The History of The Bandana

    The History of The Bandana

    The Bandana predates fashion itself. Originating from India, the word bandana stems from the Hindi word, 'bāndhnū,' or "tie-dyeing," and 'bāndhnā,' "to tie." Most commonly sporting a paisley pattern, the bandana has made its way from Central Asia to the Middle East and the Americas. One might say the bandana is the most widely recognized and well-traveled accessory of all time.Not just for looks, the bandana was and still is...

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  • The History of Corduroy

    The History of Corduroy

    First popularized in the 1700's, Corduroy is a durable cotton textile, known for its ribbed surface, raised over underlying tightly bound weaves. Corduroy's invention can be traced all the way back to Egypt in the year 200 A.D. Born out of the city of Fustat, Corduroy was first known as "Fustian."  This Fustian fabric eventually made its way to England. It was sporty, hardy and...

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