The History of The Bandana

The Bandana predates fashion itself. Originating from India, the word bandana stems from the Hindi word, 'bāndhnū,' or "tie-dyeing," and 'bāndhnā,' "to tie."

Most commonly sporting a paisley pattern, the bandana has made its way from Central Asia to the Middle East and the Americas. One might say the bandana is the most widely recognized and well-traveled accessory of all time.

Not just for looks, the bandana was and still is an important and dependable utility. Designed with purpose, the bandana has been used to prevent sunburn and dust inhalation with the many ways it can be tied and adorned around the neck or head. The Bandana is an iconic symbol, a symbol that has represented religious freedom, human rights, sexual fidelity and even gang allegiance. The bandana is without a doubt the most renowned accessory in the history of fashion. 

Since its inception, Dr. Collectors has used bandana in a variety of ways, tying it together into the overall design of many garments and pieces used throughout many of our collections. We hope you love bandana as much as we do!

Red Bandana Necklace - By Wannutsun
Wannutsun creates beautiful, handcrafted pieces, most often using bandana as inspiration. Go to Brands > Wannutsun to see more of their handmade accessories. 



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