The History of Corduroy

First popularized in the 1700's, Corduroy is a durable cotton textile, known for its ribbed surface, raised over underlying tightly bound weaves. Corduroy's invention can be traced all the way back to Egypt in the year 200 A.D. Born out of the city of Fustat, Corduroy was first known as "Fustian." 

This Fustian fabric eventually made its way to England. It was sporty, hardy and used for horseback riding and the military. The word corduroy is thought to come from the French textile mills in England during the 18th century. These manufacturers would advertise the fabric as, "Cord Du Roi", or "The Kings Cord." So it is said... 

Fast forward to the 1960's and 70's, and corduroy has now become an extremely popular fabric. Some would say it was the fabric of the era, corduroy was thought of as anti-establishment. It's long history of being used for workwear and practical garments garnered a connection with people searching for freedom within self expression. 

One of the largest and most successful Corduroy manufacturers at this time was Galey & Lord. A textile company first founded in 1886 in New York City. Galey & Lord became the go-to manufacturer for corduroy, used by many brands and companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and L.L. Bean. Today, Galey & Lord no longer exists, but their fabrics do. 

Dr. Collectors uses only Galey & Lord Corduroy. An original and important piece of the history of corduroy itself, Dr. Collectors honors Galey & Lord by using their dead-stock corduroy wherever and whenever applicable. Any piece of clothing you purchase from Dr. Collectors that involves corduroy in the design is using Galey & Lord corduroy. Anytime you run your hands over the raised edges of this hearty and strong, yet soft and comfortable fabric, you are touching history.

Logo of "Galey & Lord" legendary textile mill. 





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