Chacrona Suede Gravel - Men's Sizes

Chacrona Suede Gravel - Men's Sizes

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⦁ Ecological & recycled Tartan wool = 94% polyester + 6% wool
The fabrics are produced using discard of workmanship of knitwear- heads, clothing and clippings of garment which will be then selected by color, cut in pieces of small dimensions and then minced in order to be mixed though a process of ecological advanced recycling that regenerates the fibers that would otherwise be digest in the public dumps through the incineration that contributes to increase the environmental pollution.
⦁ 100% cow suede leather certified with a global gold rating by the Leather Working Group.

⦁ 100% Organic cotton Velour

⦁ 2 sets: Main and Extra Laces in 100% RPET = Material made from recycled plastic bottles.

⦁ Removable ergonomic 100% Organic cotton velour lined / recycled EVA mixed with cork

⦁ Satorisan proprietary pictorial studded natural rubber mixed with cork

⦁ Made with recycled EVA mixed with cork

⦁ 100% organic cotton chainstitched Satorisan logo details, hand-crafted & cut.

Additional Details
⦁ Hand-stitched tongue label and details.
⦁ 100% natural materials with an environmentally friendly manufacturing
process, make the lifestyle about protecting the natural environment.
⦁ Hand crafted, totally sustainable, premium artisan footwear.

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