Moonstar: Made in Kurume

Moonstar: Made in Kurume

In Kurume Japan, which has prospered as the town of the rubber industry triggered by the production of underground shovels, Moonstar has thrived as a quality shoe maker for centuries. Techniques and experiences cultivated in the long history of Kurume are breathed on shoes that are produced at Moonstar's own factor thats been in existence for over 100 years. 




Since its founding in 1873, with the aim to create comfortable shoes for each and everyone, and to make quality footwear, Moonstar continues to create with confidence and pride. This made it an easy brand to add to the Trading Post Gallery. A brand that not only makes quality goods, but one that continues to support it's own people and country. 




With rubber bottoms that continue over the toe box and up the side of your foot, you get a since of the heritage that Moonstar pulls in to tie its shoes back to what the city of Kurume is known for. This is called the vulcanizing process that can only be produced in very few factories in Japan. Shoes produced from this manufacturing method have a good supple and soft sole, strong and fragile enough to bend. Canvas uppers and waxed laces are added to round out the shoe giving it strong construction that can last a lifetime on the which is pictured above.  



Each one of Moonstar's shoes use a direct injection method called Chic Injection, which began production in 1966. This production method which can only be produced at a factory in Japan due to the necessity of large-scale production facilities. It creates a excellent fit and cushioning properties, Moonstar also called this "shoes with socks for bottoms."


Photos of Moonstar factory by: Parker Fitzgerald 

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