"Aloha Friday"

April 20, 2018

The Vintage Split Aloha Shirt was created in typical Dr. Collectors fashion. We love to take vintage classics and rework them into new garments that are built to last. All of our pieces derive from either military issued uniforms or vintage garments of the blue collar worker uniform. 

For the vintage split Hawaiians, we found vintage shirts from the 70s and 80s, cut them in half down the middle, sewed them back together with similar preferred prints, and indigo dyed each shirt one by one to give them the Dr. Collectors signature touch. We treat each style differently when indigo dying. No two shirts are alike, and not all Aloha Shirts come indigo dyed, but you can find the left that matches the right in the same size.


While the Hawaiian shirt isn't either of the two (military issued or blue collar uniform), it did become a staple for servicemen and servicewomen during and after World War II. Many of them returned to the United States after the war from Asia, Hawaii, and the Pacific islands with aloha shirts made in Hawaii since the 30s. Rare and hard to find vintage Hawaiian shirts with specific prints and neck labels from the 50s and 60s could go for $300-$500 in vintage resale shops and eBay.
(Left: from the movie Alien 1979 wearing 70s Military Deck Jacket and Aloha Shirt, Right: Musa Shyia in early Aloha Shirt Ad)
Throughout the SS18 season we'll be releasing more Vintage Aloha Shirts. Each shirt is one-of-a-kind and unique to the size it comes in so if you see one you like in your size grab it now. Available both in-store and online.
Also, we'll be doing more blog post and stories about our process and how we create at Trading Post Gallery & Dr. Collectors. If you enjoy these post please let us know in the comments and share on social media sites below.
-Dr. Collectors


Teresita Madrigal

Teresita Madrigal said:

Yes! I enjoy this so much! Its such a fun process to split and recreate vintage! Great idea on the hawaiian shirts!! :-) @bornorigingal

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